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Where’s An Egg? Is The Best Game About Being A Detective


I spend roughly half my waking hours thinking about detectives, watching detectives on TV and reading about detectives in books. The other half of my waking hours are spent very specifically thinking about what a detective game might be like. How do you create a mystery which is compelling for players to deduce the answers to themselves, without being handheld and thus making the mystery dull and rote?

Where’s An Egg? has an answer. It was released in 2007, was sort of made by a fictional game developer, and is about deducing the location of an egg. You can play it in your browser and get the measure of it in ten minutes, and you should.
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RPS Speaks Exclusively To Videlectrix*

The Videlectrix boys at the cutting edge of technology.

While there was almost another Telltale-related controversy yesterday, it remains completely shadowed by the rift between Telltale and Videlectrix that we first reported last week. For those unaware, Videlectrix claim to have been making cutting edge videogames for the last thirty years, and more recently have been closely affiliated with the Homestar Runner website. Their output includes classics like Salad Daze, Pigs On Head, and of course Thy Dungeonman 3. It’s literally impossible to calculate their impact on the gaming industry. Creative differences over the direction of the Strong Bad’s Cool Game For Attractive People episodic adventures have spilled over into the public in an ugly foray. Determined to prove there’s investigative journalism alive and well in the games media, Rock, Paper, Shotgun conducted a world exclusive interview with both developers at Videlectrix, in an attempt to uncover the Whole Truth.

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