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It’s A Cyber The Times: Deus Ex 3 Viral Site

This is lovely. Say hello to Sarif Industries, makers of top quality commercial augmentations. Go have a look at their site, listen to their sinister elevator music and check out their company statement. Get a little taste of Human Revolution's day-after-tomorrow universe. Then gasp with exaggerated surprise as you bypass the firewall and get a look at Deus Ex 3's hacking minigame. Good work, Squeenix.…

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Deus Ex: Human Revolution to arrive Feb ’11?

The nano-augmented journomen over at VG247 have reported that the Steam page for Deus Ex: Human Revolution has been updated to show a February 2011 release date. Intriguing. But what could it mean? My theory is that it means the game will be released in February 2011 and we'll all be arguing with cyber-bartenders and grabbing men through walls a little earlier than expected. But…

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Crysis Viral: Update

So something finally happened with that Crysis viral. The sim card that came with the not-so-clever document was stuck in an old mobile, and left. Last night I checked and a text arrived, with an URL and a username and password. And yes, I'm typing through gritted teeth, perfectly aware that writing about it is exactly what they want me to do. In what is…

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Crysis Viral

Here's a strange piece of viral advertising. (And proof I can't be trusted with a document marked "CONFIDENTIAL"). In the post this morning came a stiff, brown envelope, containing what purports to be a "CONFIDENTIAL" document, with the vast majority of the text blacked out. And a very small envelope stapled to the document, containing nothing but an O2 mobile phone sim card. It disappointingly…

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