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Tenderfoot is a window into another world

Take a deep breath — in through the nose, and hold two three, then out through the mouth — and open a window into another world with Tenderfoot [official site]. It’s a small virtual scene staring out a window in a futuristic (and possibly post-apocalyptic?) city. Green creeps up glass-fronted buildings, wind turbines rotate slowly on rooftops, a creature snoozes on a leaf, flocks of birds loop around the city, thick green clouds pass by, and occasionally a putrid sun brightens the mood, all while chill music plays. We can look around a bit, but we’re really there to stare. It’s very pleasant. Read the rest of this entry »

Build a virtual fire with Eidolon dev’s Yule Log

On Christmas Eve in 1966, a New York television station broadcast several hours of a festive fireplace so people in fireless flats could tune into The Yule Log and feel Christmassy too. A modern tradition was born. You might have seen fireplace videos in Christmas shops on VHS and DVD, Netflix has three of ’em (I favour the birchwood fire), one ad has Nick Offerman sipping whisky by a fire for 45 minutes, and of course virtual logs exist too. The latest is Yule Log [official site] from Ice Water Games, the makers of Eidolon and Viridi. It lets you watch nice virtual logs burn. Isn’t that enough? Read the rest of this entry »

Wot I Think (And Wot I Murdered): Viridi

Viridi is a kind of free-to-play desktop potted plant companion. What you get is a pot full of succulents which apparently grow in real time. I have no idea if this is true because I am not good at plants IRL. The developer Ice Water Games (who also made Eidolon) describes it as a “safe haven”, “a place you can return to for a moment of peace and quiet whenever you need it.”

Except I lost my temper and shouted and then aggressively watered a snail.

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Watch Your Garden Grow: Viridi

Grow, my pretties!

People are puzzled enough by the whole swimming-in-icy-ponds lark that I don’t often mention my second greatest pleasure in life is watching plants grow. Every spare surface in my tiny box room is bristling with green, from ivy and ferns to alien succulents. Despite living in a minigreenhouse, I am still super stoked for the next game from Eidolon developers Ice Water Games.

Viridi [official site] is a far cry from the gorgeous explore-o-survive ’em up, but does have a similar wonder-of-nature thing going on. Viridi, see, is a “potted plant app” where you watch plants grow.

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