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Virtual Skipper 5: Free Port!

This surely can’t be right (And not just my pun. It’s not a port, it’s a… oh, never mind). It’s only been out in the UK properly for about a month, but is already available for a free 800Mb or so download. I suspect it’s because it’s already been out back in 2007, and its initial UK release was under a different name. I realise this because I (er) reviewed it for PC Format when it was going under the 32nd America’s Cup – The Game moniker, noting it seemed to be Virtual Skipper 5 in all but name (which is clearly serious bluffing on my part. I don’t even know the difference between ships and boats. Or tanks, for that matter). But still – here’s my review of America 32nd cup for you to try and work out whether this may be worth your time…
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Some Gag About Ships: Virtual Skipper 5 Videos

I see no jokes

We talked about its announcement, but since it’s drifting closer to release, Focus have let slip the PR-mainbrace and – er – released videos. Many videos. With ships in them. Which you can find beneath the cut. My favourite is the ACC trailer, as its description text on GameTrailers is “Check out this trimaran”. Indeed.
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Wind Flurries: Virtual Skipper 5

Right, hands up who is a Virtual Skipper addict. Come on, there must be some of you out there, as Ascaron send word that they’re releasing the fifth iteration in the series in the UK on 3rd of October, and it’s already available in North America.

A sophisticated wave animation model replicates tidal movement and wind flurries, forcing players to adapt whilst racing. Other variables include day and night settings that affect climatic conditions and visibility, all helping to reproduce a realistic sailing environment.

Sounds posh, if you’re into virtual sailing. I was always more a Ship Simulator guy. Yes.