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Submarine shooter Zodiac XX is a gorgeous anime throwback

Let's make this clear right off the bat - Zodiac XX might be the coolest thing I've ever seen. Breaking from beneath the waves earlier this week, Virtuoso Neomedia's latest creation is a hot-as-hell anime dogfighter that follows a band of gorgeous cel-shaded studs as they wreck megacorporations under the sea in slick-as-hell watercraft. It's pure arcade bliss, and it's out now - assuming you've…

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Feature: Ho ho ho

Priceless Play — 21 December 2019

Oooh, he's coming!! He's on his way!!! He's checking his list at least several times!!!!Here are some free games about Santa, his friends, and all those things which may or may not accompany him on his jolly midnight ride.

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Blazing Legion: Ignition’s mech action looks ace

In the new trailer for Blazing Legion: Ignition, an upcoming first-person shooter with mechs stomping around on the ground and whizzing through the air, the action is so fast and colourful that YouTube's video compression runs all the jet trails and bullet blasts into a big ol' smear. This is excellent. This is my new test for any shooter claiming "bullet hell" attributes: can it…

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