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Veni Vidi Vendi: Vitrum Is Out

How many people reading this are waiting for Dishonored? How many for XCOM? Both? Maybe it’d be easier to ask how many people aren’t waiting for either. Let us not forget that other games have not ceased to exist and that one way to make the waiting period less agonising might well be to sample some of those games, especially if they can be sampled for free. Nathan had quite a bit to say about the demo for first-person puzzler Vitrum but we failed to point out that the full game has been released. Currently selling at a ‘pay what you want’ and support the Child’s Play charity price point (minimum $4.99), if you don’t have time for the demo the trailer might help you to decide if you want to pay anything at all.

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Vitrum Is A Puzzler That Doesn’t Need Your Silly Gravity

Based on the hands, I'm pretty sure this game stars Miranda from Mass Effect.

Ours is a world that likes things safe, dependable, and right-side-up. If everything suddenly goes all topsy-turvy, it’s generally because we’re on a rollercoaster or learning a stern lesson about the fact that bikes do not, in fact, pass right through waist-high railings. But Vitrum doesn’t take place in our world. I mean, it’s full of glowy neon lights, yet awash in an aural sea of gently lapping ethereal beats. Humanity, however, cannot resist a thumping techno-infused rave in such settings. I rest my case. Also, gravity kind of works differently, I guess. Reeeally differently. In short, Vitrum’s free demo will make you say, “Wait, where’d I go just now?” a whole, whole lot.

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