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A Survival Game With Giant Robots: Goliath Announced

Go collect your own damn twigs.

Even silly survival games stay relatively down-to-earth with what you need to collect and craft to survive. Collecting seventeen twigs to weave a colander to drain the spaghetti harvested from spaghetti trees! Collect a stick and three pointy twigs to make a fork to eat the spaghetti! Let’s not even start on the effort of whipping up a decent spaghetti sauce. Goliath [official site] is thinking a bit bigger, literally – with mecha.

Recently announced, it’ll see folks doing the usual harvest-o-scavenge-a-crafting shenanigans but with giant robots to build. Game Informer compare a demo they saw to Don’t Starve.

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Rubes: Crazy Machines Golden Gears Out Now

A toy truck? How thoroughly zany!

In the interests of speed and efficiency, I have created a device which allows me to write an entire RPS post with one single press of a button. Unfortunately this machine demands several hours of setup between posts, of winding up clockwork mice, priming boxing gloves on springs, charging lasers, and carefully setting explosives to trigger the series of events that are so effortlessly tapping these keys right now. Hopefully a little practice inĀ Crazy Machines Golden Gears will help me improve this.

The latest in Viva’s Rube Goldberg machine puzzler series has arrived on PC, coming over from pocket telephones to the natural home of weird complex machinery. Read the rest of this entry »