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SAG-AFTRA union approves new voice actor deal

Members of the USA’s Screen Actors Guildā€American Federation of Television and Radio Artists union (SAG-AFTRA) have voted to approve a new standard arrangement for voice actors working in video games, ending an upset that included 11 months of strikes. The strike began in October 2016 as voice actors raised issues including long recording sessions for vocally-stressful parts, bonus pay for successful games, and not even knowing what a job was or would entail when they took it. The strike didn’t cover all games, only targetting 11 specific companies, but it was notably visible for causing Life Is Strange’s Chloe to change voices between the original game and its prequel. Read the rest of this entry »

Video Game Voice Actors To Go On Strike This Friday

It’s now looking pretty likely that the bulk of video game voice actors will be going on strike on 21st October. A long-running feud between SAG-AFTRA (Screen Actors Guild and American Foundation of Television and Radio Artists) and the video games industry seems it will come to a head at the end of this week, after nearly two years of battle. According to a bulletin posted by the joint unions, the strike will begin at midnight on the 21st unless this week’s eleventh hour negotiations can resolve things. This will see big name actors like Jennifer Hale and Wil Wheaton pursing their lips until a deal can be found.

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