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VoidExpanse Expanded to Version 0.8

Ah, you’re back are you, VoidExpanse? We split on amicable terms when last we spoke, but split we did, so what are you doing here? Your space combat was attractive but you lacked depth, and kept falling over at inopportune moments. Your speech was rudimentary, your systems sub-par. I said we’d meet again, but I wasn’t really thinking this soon. So what do you have to offer? Interesting. It says here¬†you’ve buffed up your stability, improved your backend and generally increased enjoyment from the start. Why, you’re like a new game in the same engine! Let’s have a chat and you can take me through the finer points, eh?

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Impressions: VoidExpanse

VoidExpanse strikes me somewhat as an inevitability. The years of Eve coupled with Elite and Star Citizen’s stratospheric success means a lower budget, retro-styled take on the same idea was viable. Its isometric viewpoint sets it apart from those peers, as does its extremely unpolished, early access state. As with any member of the space trading, exploring, bang-banging massive, the promise of the final game is an incredibly enticing one. The difficulty is seeing through the crashes, balance issues and unfinished mechanics to judge its core worth. VoidExpanse made that especially challenging, but there’s hope.

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Space Without a Space: VoidExpanse

Space isn’t so much gaming’s final frontier as it is a packed waiting room, filled to the brim with shady businessmen in coats and besuited all-stars vying for your attention. Since Star Citizen and Elite blew the top off the money cannon, only zombies and sports hold a candle to the potential seen beyond the stars. VoidExpanse‘s top down solution to the tradin’, fightin’, explorin’ mix isn’t exactly new, but this (or, really, post-1990) generation of graphics is a step up. Plus, as an early access – but not Early Access – game, we’ve got the uniquely nu-teens opportunity to shape development. There’s a trailer and some very initial thoughts from a play of the current build through the warp gate.

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