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Fantasy League Of Legends And The $1m Prize Pool

It spreads out over multiple weeks and contests, by the way.

Vulcun [official site] – a fantasy League of Legends venture – has announced it’s beefed up its prize pool from $250,000 to $1 million.

Fantasy eSports sites aren’t new. Riot has its own fantasy leagues for its MOBA, League of Legends, there was one as part of the International 2013 compendium for Dota 2 and for subsequent events like DreamLeague, Smite has one…

But this one is big and is trumpeting loudly about the available prize fund. I decided to write about it because fantasy leagues in traditional sports are a huge business and Vulcun’s growth seems to be a good demonstration (so far – I mean it’s really early days for the site) of how that’s being taken up in eSports.

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