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Second Verse: Metal Dead Now On Steam

I'm sure it's fine

I last chatted about Metal Dead a year ago, giving it the nod for a funny script and for overcoming its low art budget with grace. Now it’s available on Steam, and currently discounted to £1.35, which prompted me to return to it last night. It’s a game of stereotypes and clichés but backed up with line after line of jokes, many tagged onto entirely optional background interaction. It succeeds in making me laugh and grossing me out, much like most of my favourite comics. You can still grab the demo over on Desura or read on for what I thought returning to the game.

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Night of the Living Game: Metal Dead

Got them drivin' eyes.

It can only amuse some passing deity that the spread of zombies through games was akin to that of an infection. They’re now omnipresent, always raving for the flesh of a new title or trying to plop themselves down and feed on some franchise. We might have to stop talking “genres” and start discussing “strains” if this keeps up. Still, I’ve got time for them as a concept – clichés usually become such because they have such wide reaching potential. The point and click adventure’s strategy of lying low and praying they don’t notice you has left that particular strain of game mostly uninfected, with one notable exception. But hark, shambling into view is Metal Dead, ready to consume your time with ever more tales of the recently deceased. Demo thoughts and trailer in the graveyard.

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