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Learn the secrets of monsters to hunt ’em in Walkerman

Before you slay a monster, you must come to know the monster. Where does it hang out? Which bands is it into? How socially conscious is it? Does it have any allergies? Do your research and maybe you’ll lure it to a fake Kasabian charity bake-off where the secret ingredient is deadly, deadly peanuts. That’s how a Witcher would do it, and it’s about the same for a Walkerman. A visual novel starring a young monster hunter who must study his prey carefully so he’s prepared to battle them, Walkerman [official site] launched its first act this week. Have a look in this trailer: Read the rest of this entry »

Monstrous Investigations: Walkerman Demo

I like my monsters to follow weird rules and have irrational fears, quasi-human urges which seem familiar in concept but are so odd it makes them all the more strange and tragic. You know the sort of thing: vampires must sleep upon their native soil; werewolves only attack people with gaudy jewellery; ghosts are compelled to come out of hiding if you offer a high-five; skeletons get grossed out if you wave a bone at them and will pause to explain how that’s well out.

Walkerman [official site] is an upcoming adventuring visual novel about monster hunters who learn and exploit those rules, and you can see a little in a free demo.

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