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Wrong Browsers: Free Wallace And Gromit

You just know that they're secretly serial killers, don't you?

This is both cute and scary. Cute, because for the 20th anniversary of Wallace and Gromit, telltale are giving people free access to the Muzzled Episode of their Grand Adventures. You can also order the full package for twenty dollars instead of the usual thirty-five, which include a charitable donation. The offer runs until 12pm on Monday the 9th. If you’re interested, go gets. Conversely, it’s scary because I remember the very first Wallace and Gromit and I don’t need a reminder of my own mortality when I’m still in my dressing gown. Muzzled’s trailer follows…
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Gromit, Inducing: Wallace & Gromit Demo

It's the wrong parser formatting, Gromit

Fans of the most critically acclaimed lumps of plasticine this side of Orson Welles – who was secretly molded by a very young Tony Hart and let loose as a Golem to revolutionise cinema – will be overjoyed of the release of Telltale’s Wallace and Gromit’s Grand Adventures demo. And if that takes your fancy, there’s an offer to pre-order all four episodic games for 26 dollars – a saving of some money over the standard post-release price. Er… “Gromit, Inducing” is meant in a “Release Gromit” way rather than a comment on the demo’s quality, as we haven’t played it yet. And enough pun over-defensiveness – there’s a demo and a random tiny Wallace & Gromit related anecdote below.
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