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I Wonder: Noncombative Wandering In MMO Wander

I'm not really sure what Wander is, which is a rare treat for me. I'm familiar with all the words in its official description - "a non-combat, non-competitive, collaborative multiplayer game" - and their meanings within video games. I have read before that it's an MMO about shape-shifting to explore rainforest, undersea, and the air. I cannot even remotely imagine what one does in it…

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Wander Is About Collaborative Exploration, Tree People

As a living, breathing contradiction, my greatest passions in life are combat and pacifism. Seriously, though, stripping away combat has yielded some of recent times' most interesting games, and Wander's brand of collaboration-centric exploration could raise a leafy mutant branch hand in acceptance of that torch. On paper, it sounds serene on an almost primal level, reveling in "exploration and joy." The main goal, then,…

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