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Now Roaming: Noncombative MMO Wander Released

I'm as free as a bird now.

A game about exploring a magical land as a tree person with the power to morph into other lifeforms sounds just dandy to me, and yeah, I’d probably be up for doing that with other people too. That’s the idea of Wander [official site], a noncombative MMO which came out on Friday.

I’ve had my eye on the game for a while, obviously into trees and swimming and all that, but haven’t been quite certain what the finished game would look like. Sadly the answer for now is “a bit buggy” but its makers are busily patching away.

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I Wonder: Noncombative Wandering In MMO Wander

You know what, yes - I do want to be a tree.

I’m not really sure what Wander is, which is a rare treat for me. I’m familiar with all the words in its official description – “a non-combat, non-competitive, collaborative multiplayer game” – and their meanings within video games. I have read before that it’s an MMO about shape-shifting to explore rainforest, undersea, and the air. I cannot even remotely imagine what one does in it from second to second, minute to minute, so it’s an exciting idea for me. A new twenty-minute trailer/machinima/…thing doesn’t explain much, but now I want more than ever to be a treeperson.

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Wander Is About Collaborative Exploration, Tree People


As a living, breathing contradiction, my greatest passions in life are combat and pacifism. Seriously, though, stripping away combat has yielded some of recent times’ most interesting games, and Wander‘s brand of collaboration-centric exploration could raise a leafy mutant branch hand in acceptance of that torch. On paper, it sounds serene on an almost primal level, reveling in “exploration and joy.” The main goal, then, is to “explore planets, discovering their history and beauty.” Conceptually, the whole thing almost strikes me as a greener, more freeform Journey. And so far, the first planet looks like it escaped from the explosions and dumbness factory in James Cameron’s brain with natural beauty full intact, so that’s promising. I want to explore! For now, though, both you and I will have to settle for pooling our vast cognitive and spiritual resources to adventure through a couple videos after the break.

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