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What’s In The Eclectic Bundle In A Box?

Read the title like you're Brad Pitt
Would David Fincher’s Se7en be any better if the revelation at the end was that the box contained a pile of indie games for almost no money at all? It would certainly be less psychologically damaging to Brad Pitt to discover the Lovecraft inspired platformer Eversion in there instead of (a box of fluffy kittens for sale – spoiler ed). And while he lived happily ever after he could think back to that lovely day when he and Morgan Freeman and Kevin Spacey all hung out in a dusty field playing indie games. That’s the power of cheap indie games, people: they make you forget someone killed loads of people in really horrible ways.
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Now Playable By Humans: War Of The Human Tanks

To err is human. And tanks, well, tanks do tank things.

I imagine that – given the proper faculties and digits – it could also theoretically be played by tanks. Regardless, War of the Human Tanks is now available in our Latin-derived tongue of choice via Desura. You may remember that Alec was quite taken by its name, but does War of the Human Tanks, in fact, also take names? Well, you can find out for yourself, because there’s a free demo. Or you can just read my impressions of said free demo, because there’s, um, a lot to digest here. I have seen some things. Or rather, I’ve read them. I’ve read a lot of them.

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