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Warbirds 2008

Is it a bird? Why, yes. Yes it is.
My head’s been deep in a WW2 space recently, for reasons too complicated to explain, so the news that this year’s version of Warbirds – Warbirds 2008, for the non-calendar reading audience members – has been released. It isn’t actually just planes – you can also trundle off in tanks and ships and robots, except without the robot. The new update adds two new maps – Ardennes, of the Battle of the Bulge fame, and Atoll, made famous (er) by Fighter Ops Simulation on AOL back in the 90s. Apparently. There’s ten new and spruced up aircraft too, including the ever-popular Lancaster Bomber. And other ones, but we’re only going to mention the Lancaster, because we’re provincial like that. There’s a free month’s trial currently available at the site, but it’s a “You have to give credit card one”, so be sure to remember to cancel if it doesn’t take your fancy. Unlike me, who never does in a classic Those Who Fail To Learn From History Are Doomed To Repeat It manner.