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Endwar – Warhammer: Wrath Of Heroes Shutting Down

Scene: A graveyard. Tombstones crisscross its every inch in eerily pristine rows. SimCity approaches one, visibly impatient, nearly stamping on a single daisy atop fresh loam. It's followed by a more somber-looking Mass Effect 3.  SimCity: "Come on, let's just get this over with." Mass Effect: "Hey now, settle down. We're here to pay our respects." SimCity: "Oh boo-hoo. Some Warhammer MOBA wannabe couldn't hack…

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Feature: Why can't hammers ever just talk things through?

Hands On: Warhammer: Wrath Of Heroes

You may remember that snuck into EA's Gamescom presentation was the news that there was to be a spin-off from their MMO, Warhammer Online, called Wrath Of Heroes. Focusing on three-sided arena battles, it's a free-to-play idea with its own look and feel. Needing to know more, we sent raving reporter, Dan Gril, to go take a look.

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