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Cardboard Children – Lost Patrol

Lost Patrol Banner

There was a time when people who played board games weren’t obsessed with things like “balance”. Back in the day, you’d sit and play a board game and no-one would say anything about the “mechanics”. Nobody ever talked about design. There was a time when a board game was a game inside a cardboard box, and if you were lucky it gave you a measure of fun that you wanted to experience again and again and again.

Lost Patrol is exactly that kind of game. It is a game of inevitable death in the jungle. A game you can’t win unless you get really lucky. A game that if you do win, you’ll be talking about it for months. It’s to Games Workshop’s credit that they brought back this old-school game with its ridiculous hostility intact. This is a 2-player game without balance. One player is probably going to lose, and the other is going to win. The only question is how soon the enemy player will win, and how hard the good guys will get smashed.

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