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Friends Help Friends Kill Shadows: Warlocks

A good boss theme sells a game more than all the marketing, CGI trailers and press conferences in the world. This is a Game Fact, with which there can be no disagreeing. Final Fantasy VII, one of the most popular and well-known games in history: great boss theme. Advance Wars, the best game on the GBA: godlike boss theme. Warlocks, a co-op wave defense action-platformer…

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Immortal Kombat: Warlocks’ Chaotic Magic Battling

I'm not entirely sure how Warlocks will turn out, but for the moment I'd say it's cast a spell on me. A war spell. Now I wish there were such a thing as a war spelling bee, but that's a discussion for another day. Warlocks is a sidescrolling local-multiplayer-friendly magi-fighter done up in satisfyingly meaty - perhaps even girthy - pixelated style. Developer Spiffy Goats -…

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