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The RPG Scrollbars: Farewell And Begone, Scarlet Blade

If you can’t be famous, you can at least be infamous. Scarlet Blade is pretty much proof that while sex doesn’t necessarily sell, it certainly gets attention. It’s one of the most famous MMOs that pretty much nobody will admit to having played, which shuts down this month with rather less bang than whimper. Essentially, and by publisher Aeria’s own admission, it just isn’t worth updating any more, a botched patch has meant a lack of updates, and ultimately players have been asked to go find new adventure and shinier boobs elsewhere. Truly, the end of an era, and by that I mean of course, not.

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Free to play browser RTS/RPG Wartune makes something very clear through its advertising: it is FOR MEN ONLY. Well, I’m a man! Doctors have verified this. So I thought, equipped with the right qualifications, I’d better take a look. NO WOMEN HAD BETTER READ THIS POST!

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