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Wot I Think: Worlds Of Magic

I do like the big beetles, though

Given how spoilt for choice we are for fantasy strategy/roleplaying games, opting for Worlds of Magic [official site] over an Age of Wonders III or Endless Legend feels a bit like choosing to take home the one-eyed, geriatric dog with bladder problems instead of one of the cute puppies at the pound.

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Master Of The Dark Arts: Worlds Of Magic

I bought Master of Magic when I was thirteen and managed to sneak a look at the manual during the bus journey home. It was enormous, that manual, full of stats, charts, creatures…possibilities. Despite the wonky AI, Simtex’s epic is still one of my favourite strategy games.

Worlds of Magic [official site] could be the closest thing to a spiritual successor. We’re not starved for strong fantasy 4X games at the moment – Endless Legend was our pick of 2014’s releases and Age of Wonders III is no slouch. The former is pushing the genre in unusual directions, however, and the latter has its own traditions to follow. Worlds of Magic looks to be picking up exactly where the plane-hopping expansionism of Master of Magic left off.

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Worlds Of Magic On Early Access Of Steam

Worlds of Magic isn’t the first game to return to Kickstarter for a second round of funding and the effort can be worthwhile. Often, after a failed attempt, devs who’ve had six months more to read up on crowdfunding strategy and secure private funding return to the dream machine for another crack at the prize after a failed first attempt. Such was not the case for Wastelands Interactive and their Master of Magic spiritual successor. They reached their goal at the first visit and decided they wanted seconds, using another campaign as a stretch goal funder. Now the fantasy 4X is in a playable state, though an Early Access one, eight months after the originally planned release date. Naturally, there’s a heavy metal trailer to go alongside.

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Arcane And Able: Worlds Of Magic Demo

Two unusual things have happened in the world of Worlds of Magic. You may remember the game from its days on Kickstarter, where Wastelands Interactive pitched it as the spiritual sequel to Master of Magic that, somehow, has failed to materialise over the past couple of decades even though I sacrifice a wizard every Christmas to usher it into being. Worlds of Magic could save the next generation of wizards and make my Boxing Day cleaning less of a chore because it seems to be on the right track. The first unusual thing is the release of a demo, which I hadn’t expected. It only shows the tactical battle grid at the moment but that part certainly feels very MoMish. The second unusual thing is a return to Kickstarter. Hmmm.

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Worlds Of Magic Shows Worlds, Magic, Of

We’ve previously discussed how the forthcoming TBS Worlds Of Magic might be a successor to Master of Magic, and now the game has materialised on Greenlight, which will no doubt prompt more such discussion. You can see a video of the alpha below, and their forums have details of the orders they’re taking for different tiers (Kickstarter style) of their alpha funding campaign. Magic? Or just a rabbit in a hat?
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Spelling It Out: Worlds Of Magic Interview

Worlds of Magic could be as authentic a successor to Master of Magic as any game released in the last couple of decades. That’s a sobering reminder that the Microprose’s classic strategy game is almost twenty years old. I wanted to know how close Wastelands’ game will be to the game that chiefly inspired it, and how the D20 combat system and seven planes of reality might change the experience, so I spoke to lead designer Aaron Ethridge and producer Leszek Lisowski and secured some answers. We also discussed the addition of artist George Edward Purdy, who worked on Master of Magic, and agreed that recreating the second world war isn’t quite the same as making randomised worlds full of skeletons and wyrms.

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Who Will Master The Worlds Of Magic?

Wastelands Interactive, developers of such strategic wargames as Strategic War In Europe, reckon Worlds of Magic will be “a genuine spiritual successor of Simtex’s 4X Master of Magic”, and bless my boots if the picture above doesn’t resemble the introduction to Simtek’s aged wonder-work. These chaps have done their homework, that much is clear, but will their Worlds have a similarly splendid intro, with the most memorable vocal performance in a game, save for the vendor selling frozen treats in Speedball 2: Brutal Deluxe? I don’t know. I do have a feature list though and I’ve posted that below, along with Master of Magic’s intro.

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The Flare Path: A Moth And A Mother

This edition of Flare Path is dedicated to Gerda Hampson, the SOE agent known as ‘Hawk Moth’ who on June 22nd 1942, charmed her way into The Berghof posing as a Swiss entomologist, and surreptitiously changed Hitler’s personal difficulty setting from ‘easy’ to ‘ironman’. The sly switch wasn’t discovered for two and a half years by which time, of course, there was no way back for the red-faced F├╝hrer. Read the rest of this entry »