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Neil Gaiman’s Wayward Manor Gets A Brief, Ghostly Trailer

That talented fuck.

Is there anyone whose life I’d rather cast a magic spell to steal than Neil Gaiman? Not necessarily because of his books or his films or mellifluous voice, but because I want to live in a big, rambling house surrounded by books and dogs and cats and trees.

Although not a big house like the one in this new trailer for the ghost-filled Wayward Manor.

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Neil Game-Man: Neil Gaiman’s Wayward Manor

Get out of my home! And take your weird blur effects with you.

As someone who self-identifies as (and gets paid to be) an oftentimes colossal nerd, I’m ashamed to admit that I’m only just now getting into Neil Gaiman. I’ve been ploughing through Sandman, and I just finished American Gods the other day. It’s all been marvelous, and I absolutely despise myself for not starting sooner. But late-bloomer Gaiman binges do have their advantages. For instance, maximized excitement over the Man Who Desperately Wishes He Had My Hair’s first foray into the world of digitized amusement laser rainbows – sometimes referred to colloquially asĀ “videogames”. It’s called Wayward Manor, and it sees you play as a grumpy ghost who must frighten away a “remarkable” band of intruders while maybe – just maybe – learning a little something about himself in the process. Or, well, his death, anyway.

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