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Posts tagged “Wayward Terran Frontier”

Space Strangers: Wayward Terran Frontier

Initially, I only stuck with the lethargic trailer for Wayward Terran Frontier because I was enjoying the soothing warp of the guitar strings that serenade its spacefarers. It's a top-down combat and exploration game set on that most final of frontiers, but it was only when the viewpoint shifted to a ship's interior that my attention was entirely captured by the pull of the attractor…

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Ship Shapes: Wayward Terran Frontier

Welcome to Space Gamers Anonymous, my now regularly scheduled meeting for every RPS writer who can't stop posting about space games. I just checked and I am present so the meeting can move on. The point of today's meeting is to accuse me, Craig, of finding another space game when I've already posted about a zillion of them. Well, what do I have to say…

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