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Quicksave-Fail: The Agony and The Ecstacy

You know what I hate? Accidentally hitting quicksave when you meant to hit quickload, leaving yourself trapped in some ostensibly unwinnable situation and sobbing like a child about a terrible turn of events that you can blame no-one but yourself for. You know what I love? Managing to win that unwinnable situation anyway: ultimate triumph in the face of self-made adversity.

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Webby Types: RPS Needs Your Help

If you'll forgive us something of a technical tangent, we find ourselves with a problem we're too stupid to solve - and it's possible one of you wonderful people might be able to help us. This post may be a little tedious if you don't have any web-fiddling knowledge/interest, so I'll stick the cut in now to keep its frontpage visibility to a minimum Edit…

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Is RPS Gaming’s Stupidest Website?

All signs point to Yes. On Thursday, we posted a story about a reviewer completely missing a major game mechanic and instead of piling on and laughing, in the standard electric internet manner, we thought it'd be a good excuse to come clean with our own extensive tales of ineptitude and tiny-mind-dom. We ended up with a request for the good readers of RPS to…

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Trying to ease myself into the new year, I've cheerily wasted the day playing a game just about fighting, before turning to the internet. Bill Harris brings to me the attention of the rarest, most precious thing in games criticism. That is, a mea culpa. Writing for the Mercury News, Dean Takahashi slated Mass Effect only to eventually admit there was something he was missing.…

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