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RPS Countdown: To Sleep, Perchance to Game…

It’s been a long time coming, but we’ve decided it’s time to cravenly submit to the dominant form of critical discourse in the early twenty-first century. That is, list features. However, as is our wont, we will subvert the form as best we can. Which isn’t very best at all, but we’re trying, no, really, we’re trying. (“very best at all”? – Ed)

Anyway – for our first countdown we decided… well, everyone talks about occasionally dreaming of a game. But what happens in those dreams? There’s the question. So we sent a mail around at RPS, and ended up with a selection of dreams. Not as many as we’d have thought, but it seems that people tend to forget dreams when they wake up. No, really. Anyway, enough were gathered to make a list of sorts and hopefully prompt people to tell us about their own game-dreams in the comments thread. We promise the forthcoming Toilets In Games Countdown UltroMegaFeature will be incredible. Probably. Anyway, to start it off, let’s have a picture of splendid dream-based (yet non-featured) videogame Psychonauts to liven up this texty entry…

No-one dreams about me. I'm very sad.

And on with the count-down.

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