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Face Book: A Game+Life Blending

No, I'm not telling you who everyone is

Allow me a small, silly vignette apropos of nothing, but one that I found oddly touching – a demonstration of the place game characters can take in our lives today. Tired of Windows Photo-thingie’s slowness, I finally got around to installing Google’s photo management app, Picasa 3 today. It had itself a good old scour of my hard drive, as is its wont, and duly formed a library of all the image files thereupon. Then I spotted a tab at the top marked ‘People’, which accessed some prototypical technology that scans pictures for faces and attempts to recognise recurring folk.

Clicking it presented an army of neatly cropped and zoomed faces. Family, friends, colleagues, girlfriends past and present, Elvis Presley, random work shots of devs like Randy Pitchford and Tim Schafer… And, included without comment amongst them, a legion of game characters from the hundreds of screenshots scattered across my PC.
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