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Reimagined: The Spatials Galactology Hits Early Access

The Spatials, you may recall, is a space colony-building strategy sim which Adam said happily engaged his brain but didn’t test his patience. Alice once described it as Theme Park/Theme Hospital in space with guns and, going by the screenshots and trailers I’ve seen, I couldn’t argue with that. A year and a bit since release, The Spatials is now being reimagined as “an even deeper, more rewarding simulation game,” say Barcelona-based developers Weird and Wry and its latest iteration, The Spatials: Galactology [official site], has just landed on Early Access.

Oh, and if you owned the original, and purchased it via Steam on or before July 5, you can get the new ‘un for free. Trailer time:

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Station Vacations: The Spatials

The Spatials [official site] is a space station management sim with squad-based combat and looting. Now, even though I’m usually an advocate of squad-based combat and looting, I’d much rather be poring over construction plans and monitoring the cravings of my crew and any visitors who happen to pop in for tea and biscuits. Thankfully, The Spatials’ combat sections are in the form of away missions rather than taking place on your station, which means they won’t interrupt your managerial musings. The game is out now and I spent an hour with it this morning.

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Theme Park In Space With Guns: The Spatials

Space is the place.

Ooh, a game about building a space station so fancy it attracts visitors from far and wide! That sounds pleasant, The Spatials. What’s that? And you’ve got star systems and procedurally-generated planets to explore too? Well gosh! And missions to complete? Aren’t you a busy little thing! And combat and looting and levelling up and whoa whoa steady on there. I’m often hesitant about games trying a lot of things, concerned they might do too much not well enough, but I do like the sound of a lot of The Spatials. Which, it turns out, has been in early access for months.

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