League of Legends: How they choose champ skins


I was wondering whether to ping the League of Legends blog post about how they choose champion skins, why some champs get more skins than others and a bunch of other skin-based rigmarole over to Graham for the Sunday Papers but it was interesting enough that it stands alone. Skins are the digital cosmetic changes you can pick up to give characters in the game a different outfit or look. In MOBAs like League and Dota they’re one of the ways you monetise free to play, enticing players to drop a few dollars here and there to spice up a favourite or collect a cool-looking set. I myself have spent COUGH COUGH COUGH on skins and similar in MOBAs so I’m fascinated to know how and why they get made, which champs are favoured and – if at all possible – when I can expect Rek’Sai to get a Beyonce-tastic sparkly disco makeover. RITO PLS. Read the rest of this entry »