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Cyberpunk RPG Copper Dreams Hits Crowdfunding Goal

Whalenaught Studios, the husband and wife duo behind last year’s gothic old-school RPG affair Serpent in the Staglands, are hard at work on their next project, Copper Dreams [official site]. A turn-based cyberpunk-inspired role-player, its creators suggest we “think an isometric Escape from New York, or Deus Ex.” Which sounds pretty darn exciting. If that’s not enough to get the juices flowing, know that Copper Dreams has now been successfully crowdfunded to the tune of $40,000 at the time of writing. You’ve still got a few short hours to help up that. Hop below for a trailer and deets.

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The RPG Scrollbars: Serpent In The Staglands

My first real act as a god was getting killed. By a wolf. Just outside my own sorta-temple.

If any of my followers are listening, write that down in your scrolls and I’ll drop the moon on you.

Serpent in the Staglands [official site] is a game I’ve been getting a lot of requests to take a look at, and it’s not hard to see why. At a time when everyone seems obsessed with old-school RPGs, here comes one that absolutely embraces the style and yet has slipped under most peoples’ radars. Honestly, that’s not too surprising. It’s not very pretty, and in attitude, reminds me of these Mitchell and Webb sketches. “Where’s my handy journal? Starting equipment? Anything that teaches me how to play?” “They’re gone. They’re all gone. And we’re back. The brutally opaque RPGs that spit in your face for not being one of the designers. Oh, I saw you in character customisation, picking skills because you thought they sounded ‘cool’. Go back to your Dragon Age. You make me sick.

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Core So Hard It Cuts Diamond: Serpent In The Staglands

There’s old-school and then there’s old-school y’know? Buried somewhere under the copies of White Dwarf and signed AD&D Monster Manuals, past the cloth map of the Sword Coast and sketches of Zork dungeons lies Serpent in the Staglands [official site]. It’s party-based RPGing in the mold of all your favourites, and I first came across it when one of you fine readers recommended it as a game to add to the RPS 2015 omni-list. Kickstarted for $28k in April last year, beta builds have been with backers for a while, but this trailer is the finest the game has looked. It also gives a hint as to the final release date, which I believe I’ve managed to decode. Come see below.

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