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GoD Factory: Wingmen Finally Blasts Off

I love a good backstory, but competitive 4-on-4 space arena shootybang GoD Factory: Wingmen has one as long as they come and as weird as its name. The wild ride begins, for us at least, with Jim discovering its first Kickstarter (yeah, that’s where this is going)┬áin May last year. He noted it was especially fancy on the ship design front, and lamented that it seemed it’d miss its crowdfunding goal. Craig had a play of the demo a couple of weeks later, but the writing was on the wall.

We didn’t write about their second Kickstarter, which did a lot better but still still failed to meet the target by a reasonable margin. Normally this is around when you’d pack up your space blaster and go back to your zero-g home but not for GoD Factory. Nine Dots Studio kept on trucking, eventually securing funding from Namco Bandai. And here we are, with the game now out on Steam.

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