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Entirely Baseless Analysis: UK Charts

One of the really fun things about writing for RPS is we don’t have to look at each and every game – we can just focus on what’s interesting and gibber away about it until we get bored. This does cause a sort of tunnel vision, though, in that I’ve been so wrapped up in certain games that I’ve very little idea what’s going on in the PC games market at large. What are people actually buying? Why? Is it wrong to murder them as they sleep for it?

So, I thought I’d have a little look at the current UK top 10 PC games (according to ELSPA), and make some completely irrelevant comments about ’em. Unfortunately I’m hungover again – drinking on Monday nights is a bad idea even for shiftless freelancers like me – so my joke glands aren’t working properly, I’m afraid. Make up your own gags and pretend I wrote ’em, if you like. Then maybe we’ll both feel better about this post.
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