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Wartile’s world of moving dioramas comes alive today


Looking back, it’s a surprise that we’ve not covered Playwood Project’s Wartile a little more actively. Last we mentioned it, the gorgeous-looking pseudo-tabletop strategy RPG had just landed on Steam, albeit as a very unfinished Early Access project. Even back then its tilt-shifted miniature worlds were bafflingly pretty to look at.

Almost a year has passed since then. As of today, Wartile is officially launched, free of the Early Access title and supposedly offering a good chunk more single-player content than earlier iterations.

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The very Banner Saga-ish Ash of Gods launches March

Ash of Gods

Sometimes it feels rude to reference a game’s influences in a headline like this, but it’s hard to talk about AurumDust’s debut RPG, Ash of Gods without drawing some comparisons to Stoic’s continuing pseudo-Viking saga, especially in terms of art style and combat engine.

Originally funded through Kickstarter, Ash of Gods seems to have made good on its early crowdfunding promises, up to and including a March release date, and the small Russian studio have released a dramatic story-focused trailer reconfirming their launch plans.

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