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In The Beginning, There Was God Of Blades’ Free Prequel

God of Blades is a pretty special thing. On the surface, it’s about running through a variety of environments and hitting things with swords, but it’s inside those environments that you’ll find a far more interesting tale. The previously mobile-only game of thrones that really don’t look like thrones draws its main inspiration from pulp fantasy and ’70s synth-prog album covers, resulting in gloriously trippy landscapes that curve and pulsate and glow like wispy cotton candy dreams. Which are the only kinds of dreams I have, frankly. A PC version’s been in the cards for quite some time, but the full game’s slated for early 2013. Until then, though, Slayers is a frantic Nidhogg-meets-Canabalt back-and-forth appetizer, and it’s free.

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