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Feature: Absolutely on one

Bathhouse management in Onsen Master is fun, but needs more radish demons

Featured as part of the Game Devs of Color Expo and its Gradient Convergence showcase on Steam, Onsen Master’s Ghibli aesthetics caught my eye immediately. It’s a “hot spring customer management” game where you ditch the whole ‘service with a smile’ schtick and drag your customers with speed and aggression into hot spring baths you’ve prepared especially for them.Other duties include making sure they’re cleaned…

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Relationship-managing story game We Should Talk. is out now

In narrative game We Should Talk., both your drinks and your relationship might be on the rocks, but that's up to you. You'll piece together conversations with your pals at the bar and your partner at home, trying to pick the tone you're looking for. It's a neat conversational puzzle that will probably stress me out just as much in-game as it would in life.

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Calico’s cute new trailer shows off flying broomsticks and oh wow bear mounts

Magical girl cat cafe simulator Calico has lots of cats—orange cats and black cats and calico cats and cats big enough to ride like horses. Thanks to this new trailer in the Guerilla Collective showcase, I have now learned that it also has bears. I like cats, sure, but I really, really like bears. I cannot ride them or pick them up like stuffed animals…

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Deliver 80s post in 80s postal delivery story Lake, due out this year

Our VidBud Colm used to be a postman back in the old country, and from what he's said it was a job he very much enjoyed. Small wonder, then, that big city slicker Meredith would want a go of it for a couple of weeks in Lake, an open world explore-a-town game due out by the end of the year (and a poor SEO optimisation…

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Reconnect the community in management sim Onsen Master this autumn

After postponing their planned indie showcase this weekend, Guerilla Collective dedicated Sunday to showing off indie games by Black game developers. As usual, you'll find me digging past the stack of action platformers to find—ah yes, a management game. Onsen Master is a management 'em up all about revitalising a fantasy island with the power of a very nice bath.

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Reminisce about childhood imagination in Where The Bees Make Honey

I don’t think I’ve ever played as a frustrated telemarketer in a video game before, but that’s Sunny, the protagonist of Where The Bees Make Honey, a narrative puzzle game that released earlier this week. It’s not a game about making cold calls, though, but instead about reminiscing on the freedoms of childhood. Here’s a trailer showing off some of those moments of reflection, all…

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