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Full Bore Rooting Around Steam Later Today

Game on! (That's a pun.)

Were I to judge Full Bore solely on the trailer, I might assume that it’s a game predominantly about a boar hurtling down into the dark depths of the Earth, down and down past waterfalls and subterranean cities towards an inevitable bottom. But from what John said when he played the first half, I gather it’s more of an open-world puzzler than a pig-plummeter. While I’ll need to defer to his wisdom on the digging and puzzling, the subterranean swine world certainly does look like fun.

The full version is due to arrive on Steam later today for $14.99 in moon money.

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Full Bore Promises Open-World Boar Exploration Action

I hope it's not boring

I’m no conspiracy theorist, but I’m nearly 100 percent positive that boars are orchestrating a takeover of the gaming industry. Case(s) in point: First there was Flying Wild Hog with its cleverly non-boar-related subject matter, but now Whole Hog Games is hogging the spotlight with blatantly pro-boar propaganda. Full Bore is an exploration-based puzzler about boarkind rising up from both its “darkest hour” and, er, underground. Overcome this abyssal labyrinth, unreasonably aggressive pig monsters! Employ your superior strength and wits so that one day you may (quite literally) eviscerate the bourgeoisie and claim what is rightfully yours. The surface, the sky, the light.

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