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Feature: Brain drain

Staving off exhaustion in The Quiet Sleep is too exhausting

Your first goal in The Quiet Sleep is to wake up. You do this by connecting that goal to a willpower mine, which is itself linked to an energy spring via a train of thought. This is very confusing, especially if you're attempting to understand how this works while frazzled on a Friday afternoon. That confusion isn't ideal in a game that deliberately hides its…

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Feature: Defend your sense of self

Play a messy brain in The Quiet Sleep

Brains are squishy, veiny gobbets of flesh filled with squabbling ideas, desires and feelings. They aren’t pretty. And nor is The Quiet Sleep, to be frank. But look past this strategic-narrative game’s programmer-art visuals and you’ll find a life playing out among its icons. And within that life lies a story told through the systems of a game that somehow successfully blends The Settlers with…

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