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Wild West Online launches onto the dusty trails today

Wild West Online

You’d think that with how gosh-darned fun it is to play around with six-shooters, lever-action rifles and all those other trappings of the old American west, it’d be a more popular setting for games. Until such time as Rockstar confirm that Red Dead Redemption 2 is officially PC-bound, Wild West Online is our next best bet. This online cowboy sandbox from DJ2 Entertainment has been lurking around in early access for some time, but today it got its best ten gallon hat on and set forth in search of fame and glory.

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Wild West Online roams out to early access

Horsin around

I already told you this. Honest to God, I’m sick of repeating myself. Some days I wake up and think: “I hope I don’t have to tell the readers of popular website Rock Paper Shotgun that Wild West Online, a videogame which is definitely not Red Dead Redemption 2, is out on early access for anyone who wants to spend money and be a cowboy in what seems like an otherwise quite standard MMO.” I honestly look in the mirror some mornings and think that. But life never works out the way you want it. Yee-haw. Read the rest of this entry »

Wild West Online will be playable November 15

"Goin' for broke in the / (Wild Wild West) / Killin' some folk in the / (Wild Wild West)"

See where the bad guys are to be found /
And make ’em lay down /
The defenders of the west /
Crushin’ on pretenders in the west /
Don’t mess with us ‘cuz we’re in the /
(Wild Wild West)

Thus spake eminent artiste William Smith in his most prestigious poem, “Wild Wild West”. You too can soon be a dusty lyricist by playing guns and horses MMO Wild West Online, which is entering early access on November 15, the developers have said. Read the rest of this entry »

Wild West Online roots and toots in first gameplay vid

Sandbox rooter-tooter Wild West Online [official site] is showing off a first look at its wicky wicky wah wah sandbox in motion with a new video. It’s a little bit Grand Theft Auto Online but with cowboys and perhaps less relentless murder (and hopefully less hacking). It’ll plonk players into the wild frontier to lark about, being goodies or baddies in all the ways a child armed with fingerguns in the school playground would hope. Read the rest of this entry »

Wild West Online is not Red Dead 2 but is neat-lookin’

Haven’t we all wanted to be a cowboy? Ah, a lonely life out on the plains, just me, my herd, the big sky, and six men I’d trust with my life: a soldier, a Native American, a cop, a builder, and a biker. Old chum, have yourself a look at Wild West Online [official site], a rootin’ tootin’ upcoming MMO.

Wicky Wicky Wild Wild West Online was originally headed to Kickstarter then early access. However, after excitable Internauts mistook a screenshot for Red Dead Redemption 2 and brought the game a load of attention, the developers have secured extra funding to skip all that and launch later this year. Read the rest of this entry »