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Wot I Think: Windforge

Windforge is an action adventure with a broadly familiar frame: like Starbound and Terraria it’s a 2D explora-ma-jig in a wholly destructible world, though Starbound’s futurism and Terraria’s hyper-nonsense has been replaced with a Verne-esque tale of flying whales and balloon-based battles in the sky. The question is: did it fulfill its porpoise, or did it make me blubber and wail? Here’s Wot I Think.
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Whale, It Was Nice Knowing You: Windforge Out In March

And people say videogames desensitize us to whatever horrible atrocity this is

One of my favorite elements of Dishonored was its plague-infested whalepunk world. By videogame standards, I thought it was a refreshingly weird place, a rot-tinged breath of fresh air burning in my nostrils. But man, it looks downright tame in comparison to Windforge, in which there are flying whales and you mine them hollow and turn them into desecrated flesh vessels to pilot on your journeys. Well, that’s if you’re a jerk, anyway. These sky whales are on the brink of extinction, so technically you’re trying to find an alternate fuel source. Also, there is crazy Bionic-Commando-style swinging action, shooting ripped straight from Contra’s cold, dead hands, and tons of crafting. It looks like total madness, and it’ll be out in March.

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Save The Whales. Or Drill Them. In Windforge

One of the best looking games I saw at GDC in March this year was Windforge. And then I didn’t tell you anything about it. Why not? Because hacking around on an early version, it still felt too soon. Drilling flying whales for building materials is obviously enough to ensure classic status, but the timing wasn’t yet right. With the game now looking to hit its final strait, and a new version of it heading our way to pick through, the timing feels right. Oh, and they’ve launched a Kickstarter to get it finished.

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You Can Do What To Whales In Windforge?

Big mistake, whale. Big mistake.
It’s been more than a year since Adam first picked up the whiff of Windforge on the tradewinds. It’s a 2D exploration game where you can craft anything then attach a balloon to it and call it a ship. Where you go from there and what you do is entirely up to you, which means I am intrigued. I thought I’d hunt it down: I took a great whiff of the air to attempt to triangulate its position. Big mistake. All I got was the whiff of rotting whale corpse and the urge to shout Europe at the sink. Explanatory trailer below.
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Building A Sky Caper: Windforge

Skyscraper is an odd word. Natural, perhaps, that it came into use but extremely strange that it’s now a standardised part of the lexicon. It’s as if the common term for a mine was a landwounder or, for a dam, riverblocker. Except those are more literal. There’s a poetry to skyscraper, so how about calling an oil rig a seaspoiler or a turbine a windwrestler? That brings us, not so neatly, to Windforge, a side-scrolling crafting, fighting and exploration game that allows the player to build ships. Sky ships. It’s then possible to ram those ships into things at high speed. Video awaits!

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