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Soulash aims for world domination with its first paid alpha

Soulash, by Wizards Of The Code, made a great first impression when its first demo version landed last month, with a fresh set of ideas under its chunky ASCII art. Now the villainous survival roguelike (although it bends the definition a little by not having randomly generated maps) has a paid version, an updated demo (free on Itch), and a much larger world to explore.…

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Soulash makes ASCII easy in this new roguelike demo

When I first tried playing the demo for Soulash, an upcoming roguelike by Wizards Of The Code, I thought the controls were broken. I'd hit the key to move up, and my character would hop to the side. Turns out I'm just an idiot, and this is a roguelike where facing matters. WASD controls hop you around, Q and E turn your abstract character, and…

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