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Former Dishonored creative director suggests all genres could be immersive sims

Some former Prey and Dishonored developers are making Weird West, a top-down cowboy action-RPG that's a bit like an immersive sim. This much we knew, and had already puzzled over. Fondly, like. The dev's pedigree gained my curiosity, but this interview with Prey and Dishonored creative director Raphael Colantonio has my attention.Weird West will be an "action-resolved version of something like Fallout meets Ultima 7",…

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Weird West shows some of its immersive sim-ish bits in a new trailer

"I can't quite get what Weird West is as a game, but I bloody love the aesthetic," our Nate said last month. He'd just seen a notE3 trailer which had plenty of mood but not much of the game. It's an action-RPG with some immersive sim-ish bits, yeah? From some folks formerly of Dishonored and Prey devs Arkane? I'm still not quite sure about the…

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Feature: Told me Loveless was a madman

I can’t quite get what Weird West is as a game, but I bloody love the aesthetic

I'd love to say we got a new trailer for eerie, top-down cowboy purgatory Weird West during the PC Gaming Show, but alas we did not. We did, however, get a short interview with its dad, Raphaël Colantonio, who managed to squeeze out a few sentences about how character-switching and death works in the game, before the juggernaut of not-quite-reveals rolled over him and the…

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Here’s all the news and trailers from the Game Awards

Like a heavily-sponsored Santa Claus, the Game Awards swept in last night and left us a pile of presents to unwrap. If you did the smart thing and slept through the event, you'll have missed a bunch of new announcements. Alice O and Graham did some amazing work in writing up as much as they could as it happened, but a few sly games snuck…

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Weird West is a top-down immersive sim announced by some Arkane veterans

The gunsmoke and ghouls of the wicky-wicky wah wah weird weird west are the setting for the debut game from a studio founded by some Arkane veterans, announced tonight at The Game Awards. It is named simply Weird West and yes, it is bold to yoink an established fiction genre's name for your game. Weird West is an immersive sim-y action-RPG setting out for adventures…

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