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Captain’s Log: Woodcutter Simulator 2013

It’s been a while since we last reviewed a Woodcutter Simulator game. Mr Stone found it disappointing, and couldn’t see the wood for the trees, saying things like “Woodcutter Simulator can do weirdness, but not the good organic kind.” Perhaps this can be changed in 2013, then, as the latest iteration of this lumberjacked offering arrives to boast “a raft of new features including challenging missions, a day and night cycle, realistic weather effects as well as new forest areas.” No word on weirdness, organic or otherwise. For some reason publishers see fit to leave that out of their game information. Hm.

Trailer below.
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Wot I Think: Woodcutter Simulator

The days when small unadventurous devs would glance out of their windows and use the first thing they saw as the basis for a second-rate tycoon game, are thankfully long gone. Now small unadventurous devs glance out of their windows and use the first thing they see as the basis for second-rate simulation games. Tow Truck Sim, Dustcart Sim, Hearse Sim… who buys these things? Me, apparently. A few days ago I dropped nine guineas on Woodcutter Sim. I couldn’t help myself – I had to find out how it compared to a forestry game I knew and loved back in the Nineties.

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