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The Flare Path: Tomorrow’s Chip Wrappers

The seven aluminium and three plexiglass FP points up for grabs this week, were made from pieces of 'Emancipated Emily', a flak-ravaged B-17 that clipped Big Ben on November 4, 1943.
In pre-RPS days The Flare Path came in leaflet form and was distributed by a fleet of low-flying Whitley bombers. It was a horribly wasteful and expensive business. It could be dangerous too. Several planes were lost in accidents and on one dreadful occasion in 1939 a Cornish district nurse went over a cliff edge on her bike after being blinded by a sheet of windblown sim and wargame news. Spare a thought for the unfortunate Miss Ivy Tregowan as you sit safe and sound perusing this week’s selection of winged and warry stories. Beyond the jump: Black Shark 2 disquiet, a new simulation periodical, and a quick shufti at one of the finest free tactics titles around. Read the rest of this entry »