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WoW 4.2: Rage Of The Firelands Trailer

Oooh! Burn.

Blizzard have released a very exciting trailer for the upcoming 4.2 patch for World of Warcraft, largely showing off the hot new raid the patch adds to the game. “Hot” being the operative word. In the Firelands you will fight Beth’tilac (big fiery spider), Lord Rhyolith (magma giant), Alysrazor (big fiery bird), Shannox (fiery naga guy with two fiery dogs) and, yes, well, you get the idea. It’s not just this raid, of course. As always, the WoW Insider has a comprehensive feature listing. Look, there are a couple of new quest hubs and a new legendary quest, too.

Me, I’ve never really like lava-themed levels in games. They just make me feel like I’m playing through a heartburn advert.
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Blizzard Offer Free Trial Of WoW Remote

Is that a phone? That's a hand mirror, surely.

Do you have a mobile telephone? Nobody here at RPS has one, seeing as our preferred method of communication is bellowing at one another down long drainpipe-like devices of Jim’s own creation (the nagpipes, he calls them), but on the off chance you do have a mobile phone, and you play World of Warcraft, Blues reports that Blizzard has now started offering a week-long free trial of it’s World of Warcraft Remote service for “Android and iPhone”. Remarkable! You can get phones in your eyes now? I must consider getting one.
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Not Too Orcward: WoW Freelocation

Are you one of the frightening mountain of people considering relapsing returning to World of Warcraft in the wake of Cataclysm’s rather noticeable release? Did you log on to dredge up your old character, in whatever ludicrous mish-mash of loot he was garbed in, only to discover that the entire world had set up camp on your server during your away time, and now you have to queue for forty million and 12 hours to get in?

Blizzard may be willing to help.
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