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League Of Legends 2015 Worlds Anthem – More Esports Or Less Esports Than Imagine Dragons?

Fnatic have the blues. Geddit?

This evening will be spent watching Legends Rising – a bunch of League of Legends [official site] documentaries focusing on specific pro players – but right now I’m digging through everything else the Worlds hype train deposited while I was on holiday. I like taking a look at what Riot do in the run up to Worlds because it’s a total contrast to Valve’s approach with Dota 2. Valve didn’t even play Basshunter’s Dota when a Swedish Dota team won The International.

Gather round as we listen to the official League of Legends Worlds anthem and then watch the official League of Legends… make up tutorial? Facts of life video? Hype thingummyjigger reminding you that there’s only one trophy and so forth? Or go read my ACTUALLY INFORMATIVE (but pleasantly chillaxed) guide to what the hell League of Legends World Championships is.

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League Of Legends World Championships 2015 Primer

Riot have co-opted the whole of October INCLUDING HALLOWE’EN for the League of Legends [official site] 2015 World Championship. I will be watching/cheering/glaring/continuing to email Riot’s PR department about taking the winning team trick or treating in Berlin using the Summoner’s Cup as a candy receptacle*. You might want to do those things too (maybe not the last one). But wait! What if you don’t know what Worlds is? Friends, that is where this article comes in. Let me give you a super basic guide to what the hell is going on.

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Hype ‘n’ Hallowe’en: LoL Worlds Dates And Venues

I feel like blue is very dominant in this image. IS THIS A PREDICTION?

Remember how the 2015 League of Legends World Championships are in Europe but “Europe” hadn’t previously been narrowed down in any way? Well that vagueness has now given way to detail – Paris, London, Brussels and Berlin.

It feels like a tour of familiar haunts in some ways – Paris was the scene of last year’s All-Star event, London hosted one week of the 2014 European LCS summer split and Riot recently moved their EU LCS base of operations from Cologne over to Berlin.

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League Of Legends: And The 2014 World Champions Are…

More than 40,000 fans descended on the World Cup Stadium in Seoul to watch South Korea’s Samsung White claim their first League of Legends World Championship victory. White had arrived at the season 4 final having only dropped a single game since the group stages. In fact, a lot of the people I chatted to thought their opponents – Star Horn Royal Club – might be subject to a total stomp. The question wasn’t so much “Who was going to win?” but “How long would Royal Club be able to hold out?” They weren’t wrong.

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De L’Ombre: Worlds

Worlds is a curious thing. It’s a cartoonish, cell-shaded, third-person stealth game, with lots of violence. Like a sort of lo-fi Splinter Cell. Before today it was only available in French, but has just been translated into English. There’s a video below, so you can get a bit more of a grasp on what the game is about, and a demo over here for an even more vivid impression. In it you play an interdimensional espionage agent who is tasked with stopping different worlds being aware of each other’s existence.

I think that’s got to be worth a look, eh?
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