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The Fixer – How To Tweak Dark Souls

Greetings RPSers. I’m Andrew Tsai, a dedicated PC gamer who has been meticulously cataloguing hacks and fixes for PC games over the last year. You may recognise me as that guy whose baby will only eat during Gangnam Style, or maybe you may of heard of PCGamingWiki, the website about fixing PC games which I administrate.

The aim of this new column is to help provide the very best experience out of any given PC game. Sometimes it’ll be brand new releases, other times it’ll be older games whose communities have come up with the goods over the months or years. Each article will focus on providing quality of life tips and improvements with recommendations on what mods to download, what fixes to apply and what pitfalls to expect. First up is Dark Souls: Prepare To Die Edition, which is on sale on Steam right now until Monday 6pm GMT at 33% off (£20.09/$26.79).

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