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Retroesque FPS Wrack Puts Up Its Dukes

I'm wracking my brains for a funny caption here HAHAsnurk

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Sorry about that, I couldn’t think of anything new to say about jolly, ultraviolent, cel-shaded, Doom’n’Duke-esque FPS Wrack on top of what I wrote last year, so I thought I’d share some spam I was sent instead.
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Wrack Doesn’t Ruin Doom (Hopefully)

I'm wracking my brains for a funny caption, but failing

Wrack is an indie, super-retro FPS very much in the high-speed vein of the original Doom, but pinning proper, and attractively cel-shaded, 3D graphics to those old bones. It even boasts the musical involvement of Bobby Prince, the composer of Doom, so it’s not exactly making any bones about its inspirations. In a bold breaking from the nu-tradition of crowdsourced pre-funding, it’ll soon be selling a 3-level early version to anyone who cares to pick it up, with promises of the finished version once it’s, er, finished.

I’ve been playing said early build, and while I’d argue there’s still work to be done (it feels a tad sparse and the enemies are brazenly robotic in their behaviour) it’s definitely recaptured something substantial of the Doomsome spirit – fast-paced wild abandon in wide-open yet maze-like levels against hordes of foes.
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