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The Medium and a bunch of Yakuzas arrive on Xbox Game Pass for PC this month

Microsoft have revealed the next load of games arriving on Xbox Game Pass for PC this month, and I think you Yakuza fans are going to be rather pleased. The Yakuza Remastered collection (containing Yakuzas 3, 4 and 5) will hit the subscription service on January 28th, along with Bloober Team's brand new horror The Medium. On top of that, Donut County, and RPS fave…

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Control hits Xbox Game Pass for PC this week

As if I didn't already have a massive backlog of cool stuff to play on Game Pass, Microsoft have revealed that Control arrives on Xbox Game Pass for PC on Thursday. Remedy's spooky interdimensional shooter is already out on Steam, the Epic Games Store and even Xbox Game Pass for console, so it was just a matter of time really. I'm excited to jump back…

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What Remains Of Edith Finch hits Xbox Game Pass this month

Xbox Game Pass for PC is starting off the new year strong by adding the mysterious What Remains Of Edith Finch. It's a first-person exploration game poking round the strange, sprawling house built by the possibly-cursed Finch family over generations. It's a bit of an RPS fave, and will arrive on Microsoft's subscription service on January 14th. This is one I've been meaning to get…

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Among Us, Monster Train and more hit Xbox Game Pass for PC

Yesterday, Xbox Game Pass for PC got a couple of tasty additions to it's already very good lineup of games. Everyone's favourite new smash-hit murder 'em up Among Us has joined the party, along with RPS faves Monster Train and Wilmot's Warehouse. There's a bunch more too, including The Dark Pictures Anthology: Man of Medan. Plenty to keep us all busy over the winter holidays…

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Get 33% off three months of Xbox Game Pass for PC

Xbox Game Pass for PC is going cheap for the holidays this week, as you can currently get a third off a three-month membership over at Amazon. That's three month's worth of games for the price of two. The deal is already live in the US, knocking $10 off its usual price, and here's hoping we'll see a similar deal arrive in the UK shortly.…

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EA Play will now become part of Xbox Game Pass for PC next year

All of EA Play's games on Xbox Game Pass would've made for one hell of a Christmas present, sure. But while today was meant to be the big day, it looks like it'll be a couple more months before EA's catalogue is rolled into Microsoft's already-generous subscription service. Xbox today announced that it'll be 2021 before The Sims, Battlefield, Dragon Age and friends become part…

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Doom Eternal and Va-11 Hall-A hit Xbox Game Pass for PC tomorrow

Xbox Game Pass for PC continues to collect some absolute belters, with the likes of Doom Eternal, Va-11 Hall-A, Yes, Your Grace and Call Of The Sea headlining its new additions this month. There's loads more coming throughout December, too. Looking down the list we've got Greedfall, Unto The End and Yooka-Laylee And The Impossible Lair. Genuinely, if you've been looking for a good time…

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Microsoft wants Bethesda games to be “either first or better or best” on their platforms

Speculation about upcoming Bethesda games will always be rampant, but the news that Microsoft is acquiring Bethesda has certainly dumped extra fuel on the fire. Many folks, myself included, are curious how Microsoft will manage the future of Bethesda's big-name series. Xbox chief financial officer Tim Stuart says that they definitely want Bethesda games to be "either first, better, or best" on their platforms.

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Xbox Game Pass adds The Sims and other EA games this December

As if all the games on offer on Xbox Game Pass for PC weren't already a pretty good deal, Electronic Arts are adding a big old library of games to the service soon, too. As of December 15th, Game Pass and Game Pass Ultimate members will have access to EA Play for no extra cost. That means for your basic Game Pass sub of £8/$10…

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Xbox Game Pass For PC’s price is going up next week

Following all the exciting next-gen Xbox news yesterday, Microsoft have revealed that price of Xbox Game Pass For PC will increase next Thursday, the 17th of September. Up to this point, the subscription service giving access to a load of games has cost £4/$5 but that will now double to £8/$10.It's worth noting that Game Pass for PC has been in a beta testing phase…

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Xbox Game Pass will soon include EA Play membership too

Xbox Game Pass For PC is already an absurd bargain, giving access to all Microsoft's games at launch and many others for a few quid per month, and soon it'll include a load of Electronic Arts games too. Microsoft today announced that the basic EA Play membership will be added to Xbox Game Pass subscriptions later this year, and the price will stay the same.…

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Wasteland 3’s new co-op trailer is playing sides and stealing clothes

It's dangerous out there, dontcha know? Better to go through Wasteland 3 with company, I reckon. Ahead of next week's launch, a new trailer for InXile's frozen apocalypse invites you to bring a buddy along for the ride. Mind, you mind want to make sure they're a real pal before they stab you in the back, make friends with all your enemies, and swap your…

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Get three months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for $23

Microsoft have brought back their half-price Xbox Game Pass Ultimate deal in the US this week, giving you three months of their PC and console gaming service for just $23. Handy, given they've just announced that No Man's Sky is coming to Xbox Game Pass today, as well as Battletech for the PC branch and the preposterously titled Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue…

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Ori And The Will Of The Wisps headlines Xbox Game Pass’ latest offerings

Xbox Game Pass for PC continues to please, as they've just announced this month's lineup. Ori And The Will Of The Wisps will be available on Game Pass as soon as it launches on March 11th. Then we have the likes of Pikuniku, Train Sim World 2020, The Lord Of The Rings: Adventure Card Game and Mother Russia Bleeds.

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Final Fantasy XV, Youngblood and a Bleeding Edge beta head to Xbox Game Pass for PC

Get in the car, punk. Xbox Game Pass for PC is about to pick up three new games, cramming Final Fantasy XV, Wolfenstein: Youngblood and Death's Gambit into the back seat of its subscription bandwagon. That's one banger, one bust, and one "huh, seems alright" jumping onto Game Pass' growing catalogue, still available at £1/$1 for three months if you're a first-time subscriber. But all…

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A Plague Tale: Innocence, Children Of Morta, and Gris coming to Xbox Game Pass for PC

Xbox Game Pass for PC continues to be a pretty excellent deal for those not averse to subscription services. Microsoft have been adding new games to the catalog on the regular and you can still grab your first three months for £1/$1. Microsoft announced three more games coming over the next few weeks, making the deal better as usual.

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Buy one Xbox Game Pass Ultimate code, get one free

Need a good deal to start your week? Well, your deals herald is here to provide, as Microsoft have brought back their popular Xbox Game Pass Ultimate deal that gets you an extra three months when you buy a three-month subscription, giving you six months for half price. The deal is only available in the UK right now (sorry, US folk), but it's a great…

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Sea Of Thieves will let you tattoo meta game lore on your pirate

A free content update is coming next week to the silly online swashbuckling game Sea Of Thieves. As a precursor, Rare have released a developer update video explaining one community-focused addition. The Legends Of The Sea update will give more prominence to easter eggs already present in the game to immortalize certain players.

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Phoenix Point “dropped the ball” on Xbox Game Pass

The XCOM and X-Com like Phoenix Point is out now and players seem to be having a good time tactically defending the world from monsters. You can find it on the Epic Store as planned but Xbox Game Pass subscribers are still waiting despite plans for the game to launch on both simultaneously. Snapshot Games say they "dropped the ball."

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Wasteland 3 coming in May with a robotic Ronald Reagan

I thought the post-apocalyptic horrors of Wasteland 3 couldn't surprise me but goodness me, I'm chilled to the core. I've seen all the usual torments--nuclear winter, cannibalism, slavery, torture, famine--but I was not prepared for the sight of a giant robotic Ronald Reagan. My god, what have we done? We must change our ways before it's too late. We can't let this vision become reality.…

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