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Xbox Series X controllers are already $20 off for Black Friday

The Xbox Series X may have only just come out, but Best Buy have already shaved $20 off its new controller for Black Friday, bringing prices for Microsoft's new game pad down to just $40. That's great news for PC folk in the US, as it means you can now grab a new Series X controller to use with your PC for much less than…

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Feature: It's complicated

Xbox Series X review: should PC gamers buy one?

Console generations haven't troubled PC folk in recent years. The very nature of our hardware means we're not defined by a single machine for a set period of time, and it's us who get to choose when and what to upgrade our rigs with. But when the current graphics card inside my PC is both less powerful and costs more than Microsoft's new Xbox Series…

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So how about that new Xbox, huh?

Merry Xboxmas! Microsoft's new console launches today and all across the land, good kiddywinkles are waiting to see if Father Xboxmas will deliver one to their door, or whether it's still stuck bouncing back and forth between post depots in Truro and Cumbernauld. The Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S are the first of the new console generation, arriving mere days ahead of the…

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Xbox Series X is launching on November 10th, and yes it is relevant to PC gaming

Microsoft today announced the launch date for their Xbox Series X and its cheaper sibling, the Xbox Series S: the 10th of November. What do Xboxes have to do with us, a PC gaming website? A fair bit!1) All of Microsoft's Xbox games are PC games too. 2) Xbox gamepad is the best gamepad (fight me) and it's being updated. 3) System requirements will start…

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