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Feature: The last of us

XCOM: Diary Of A Wimpy Squad, Finale – 28Ish Days Later

Some time later. Things haven't gone badly, per se. We lost Keza MacDonald in the alien base, but other than that there have been no fatalities since last we spoke. Indeed, our ranks have been bolstered by sniper Sergeant Craig 'Alpha' Pearson, assault Corporal Porp Entine, support Captain Robert 'Pox' Yang and sniper Squaddie Jeremy Laird. But there have been wounds. Many, many wounds. As…

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Feature: Major Laser

XCOM: Diary Of A Wimpy Squad #6 – Deacon Gray

Terribly sorry, but this chunk of the diary might be a wee bit boring. Not a lot really happens, you see. That speaks to something that tends to happen in XCOM - the early game (at Classic difficulty and above) is characterised by regular and sudden losses because your squad are weak, scaredy and under-equipped, but if you can keep a core team alive for…

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Feature: Alexander the not-so-great

XCOM: Diary Of Wimpy Squad #5 – Bucket List

My self-indulgently RPS-themed XCOM Classic/Iron Man campaign diary continues. Having just lost Tim Stone and Dan Griliopoulos we're feeling a little shakey, but at the same time we've got some veterans on the team now. And laserguns. Can't argue with laserguns. So, are we ready for our first Terror Mission?Today, two RPS writers die and four more join.

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Feature: Enter Smithman

XCOM: Diary of a Wimpy Squad #3 – Coinky-Dink

I'm playing an XCOM campaign at Classic difficulty in Iron Man mode, with soldiers named after RPS writers past and present. John Walker and Kieron Gillen are dead - who will be next? We're off to somewhere near home - Liverpool, on an abduction mission. There'd been a choice of rewards, and between the Sergeant promised for this one and the fact that the UK…

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Feature: And Second Blood too :(

XCOM: Diary Of A Wimpy Squad #2 – First Blood

You know how I said doing 'Meet The Squad' was probably a futile endeavour? Well, two things happened.Number one, my PC's secondary hard drive, where the 'My Games' folder is kept, had a wobble, which corrupted my XCOM Iron Man save. Not a huge issue as I was mere moments into the game, but the randomly-generated nature of the soldiers means that John's now a…

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Feature: A Prologue: Quiet Before The Storm

XCOM: Diary Of A Wimpy Squad #1 – Meet The Team

Hah, 'meet the team' he says. Most of these guys won't live long enough to realise they're in a team. There is every chance they won't even survive the first mission. Never mind, their sacrifice will not be in vain. It will be stupid, it will be embarrassing and it will be horrible, but it will not be in vain. Fighting for the future of…

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