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Feature: Oh god my hands

Have you played… Defend Your Castle?

I am truly a masochist for deciding to write about Defend Your Castle. I mean, who on earth would willingly subject themselves to the task of typing an article, when their fingers and wrists have been mangled beyond repair in just five minutes spent reacclimating to this diabolical browser-based Flash game? This harbinger of repetitive strain injuries? This annihilator of tendons and ligaments and souls?I…

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Feature: Hurl the churl

Have You Played… Pillage The Village?

It's 2010 and you've just come back to the city where your friends (your real friends) live, after a terrible experience undid the happiest time of your life. Things have changed. You've changed. You're out of the loop with everyone's lives and worries, and starting to realise you can't go forward any more than you can go back.But then you remember the villagers. The little…

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